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  • What is AirPlan?

    AirPlan4 is our sophisticated on-site flight planning system. The program runs under the Real/32 multi-user operating system.

    The system uses world-wide navigation and meteorological data which, combined with aircraft performance data and either previously saved or automatically created routes, is used to produce a flight plan. This plan is then displayed or transmitted to various local or remote devices.

  • What is the new Bureau System?

    The new Bureau System is hosted on servers at our Gatwick offices.
    Customers pay a one-off set-up fee and purchase an agreed block of plans - thereafter, they pay a monthly subscription for the agreed contract duration (usually 12 months). They can purchase additional blocks of plans during this period, as required.

    The size of the plan blocks available, the subscription and the functionality varies with the "package" chosen.

    There are special package options for Resellers (International Trip Planning Companies).

    Each customer has access to their own secure server - with control over their own data. These servers are continuously updated with weather, notam and navigation data.

    The Bureau system is designed to be cost-effective and flexible enough to cater for all sizes of operation.


  • What Software do I need to use AirPlan4 ?

    AirPlan4 is accessed through our front-end AirLink4 software, which can be obtained by FTP or a CD from us.

    All you need is for this to be installed and then either a Company network connection or supported web browser and internet access. Our Support staff will talk you through the installation process and liase with your IT Department .

  • Does AirPlan4 require any plugins?

    AirPlan4 makes use of two plug-ins. Both of which are FREE and available from Adobe.

    The two plug-ins required are; Adobe PDF viewer and Adobe SVG viewer.

  • How secure is my data on AirPlan4 ?

    Security and data privacy are taken very seriously within the AirPlan4 environment. There are a range of security measures ranging from the physical security of the Data Centre itself, right through to the use of sophisticated data layering technology at a database level.

    AirPlan4 isavailable either as an On-site or Bureau (hosted) system.

  • If AirPlan4 is a hosted application, how can it talk to the other systems that we use in our Operations room?

    Unlike some other centralised applications, which were designed in the days when data exchange and integration were less important, AirPlan4 has been designed specifically to exchange information between the various software systems in normal use within an airline environment.

    AirPlan4 supports several common software systems as standard. It also provides several sophisticated mechanisms to interface with other applications - from Crew scheduling right through to financial accounts systems - AirPlan4 can "talk" to these systems as if they were in the same room.

    Additionally, AirData can provide an API (interface) to the manufacturers of these other systems to enable support for AirPlan4 to be integrated directly into their applications - the end benefit being a tightly integrated solution for the airline.

  • I see that AirData are specialists in the area of commercial airlines. I operate business jets, is AirPlan4 suitable for me?

    Historically, AirData have dealt with airlines and cargo operators, but AirPlan4 is designed to cater for all types of aircraft operator.

    There is also a Bureau version of the system available for the Corporate operator, offering various packages. This has all the sophisticated features of the main system but removes some of the scheduling and accounting features more typically used by airlines.

    If you only have one or two aircraft this system is ideal and can be used in a "pay as you go" manner. If you are operating several aircraft then the On-site AirPlan4 application may be more appropriate.

  • What sort of on-line help is available with AirPlan4 ?

    Context-sensitive help is included in all parts of the system as well as an on-line helpdesk and telephone access to the Support Department.

  • Is there a AirPlan4 training manual or documentation?

    Downloadable documentation is available on all aspects of the AirPlan4 system, as well as on specialised subjects. We have also included links to relevant information, such as can be found on the websites of Eurocontrol, ICAO, Met Office, etc.

    A very comprehensive Knowledge-Base website, which is continually updated, is available to all customers.

    Finally, this FAQ section is designed to be a fast-track source of information on the most common sorts of questions.

  • Can I see a demonstration of the AirPlan system?

    We are happy to arrange on-line demonstrations of the system (using "Webex" and tele-conferencing) at mutually convenient times.

    We can also make arrangements for temporary access to the basic system ("sandbox" trials) - with sufficient functionality for untrained users to get a feel for the system.

  • How do I arrange an upgrade or maintenance to the system?

    Please contact one of our HelpDesk staff and they will be happy to discuss any concerns or queries you may have and will explain in detail the various options and costs.

    Most upgrade work is done on-line by our Support staff, to suit a customer's working patterns. Bureau systems are upgraded in a similar way.

  • Where can I download documentation on AirPlan?

    This can be downloaded via the HALO website from the quick link icons running down the left hand side of the page.

    Our HelpDesk is always available to assist you in this respect.

  • How easy is it to learn to use the AirPlan system?

    The AirPlan4 system is very intuitive to use in its basic form.

    The more complex features, such as the Autoplan scheduler or setting up for optimised Random Routing require more in-depth knowledge.

    Our HelpDesk is always available to assist you in this respect.


  • How long have AirData been producing flight planning software?

    AirData was formed in 1986 and has been producing flight planning solutions ever since.


  • I've heard of something called Halo, what is it?

    Halo is our dedicated HelpDesk portal. It is accessible to customers only and provides a single entry point to dealing with HelpDesk related issues. It can be used to report faults, make enquiries or request enhancements.

    It provides total transparency to our internal workflow processes, allowing you to see exactly where in our system your Ticket is, who is working on it and the current status.

    Halo also provides access to our Knowledge Base, customer specific Release Notes and our Navigation Data pages.

  • Do AirData provide 24/7 support?

    Yes! Our knowledgeable and friendly Support Engineers are available 365 days a year, 24hrs a day. We provide a dedicated telephone number for our HelpDesk, a dedicated email address and our unique HelpDesk Portal "Halo".

    AirPlan4 also incorporates a "Status" page, which can be used to gain an instant overview of the system (including functionality to transmit SMS messages, in the event of a problem).

  • Do you provide onsite support?

    Where a customer has one of our products in an on-site version we of course offer on-site support (site visit). This can be as part of the contract or on an ad-hoc basis.

    Our current Fee Schedule will apply to ad-hoc visits.

  • Do your HelpDesk staff understand my problem?

    Well that would depend on what precisely your problem is! But rest assured that all our HelpDesk staff have been recruited from either a Technical or an Aviation focused background.

    We operate a policy of problem ownership, so any request to our HelpDesk is assigned to one of our Customer Support representatives and they will have responsibility for your issue until it is resolved. However, our HelpDesk Portal Halo, provides a mechanism that allows our teams collective experience to be focused on resolving your issue.


  • What sorts of training courses are available for AirPlan4 ?

    Web-based courses, including basic system usage and on specific subjects, are available by arrangement. Computer-based training sessions, which can be accessed when and as required, are available as CD-Rom packages, covering all aspects of the system. Virtual classroom sessions, using "Webex", which will be arranged on a regular basis, are designed to cover specific areas of the system.

    If required, classroom courses can be arranged at the AirData premises or at a customer's site.

  • What level of knowledge is required to use AirPlan4 ?

    The system has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Many of the system procedures and features will be similar in concept to software in everyday use. The Modular construction also means that users can work with as much or as little of the system as they need.

    Customers familiar with our AirPlan product will be immediately familiar with with many of the tried and tested concepts included in AirPlan4 .

  • How much does the training for AirPlan4 cost?

    As far as is possible, the training forms part of the system package and is free. However, if customers require their own specialist training courses these can be developed and will be charged at a reasonable commercial rate.

  • Can I be awarded any sort of certification after AirPlan4 training?

    Accreditation for different levels of training on the system is recognised as being beneficial to everyone concerned. The more formal training courses will include testing at different levels/grades and include appropriate certification.

    Certificates of Training can be provided for individuals if required.

  • What training facilities are available for the AirPlan system?

    Training courses, either at AirData or on a customer site, are available and can be tailored to suit your needs.

    There are written notes on some aspects and features of the system and a basic user manual, which are available for customers on a CD-Rom.

    The "Halo" system, which customers can access via the Internet, includes an extensive Knowledge Database.

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