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AirData - Computerised flightplans, weatherand pilot brief Software

AirData specialises in the provision of computerised flight planning and weather briefing services.We have been one of the leading developers and suppliers of flight planning, weather briefing and pilot briefing systems to airlines and flight handling companies for over 20 years.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to our customer's needs and on treating each of them as individuals. Working closely with operations personnel and aviation industry professionals, we provide a unique mix of skill and knowledge, ensuring that our customers maximise the return on their investment and stay ahead of their competitors. Worldwide, every day, 24/7, thousands of commercial and private flights depend on our flight planning, pilot and weather briefing materials.

AirData is part of World Fuel Services (Europe) Ltd, a subsidiary of the (Fortune 500 listed) World Fuel Services Corporation, based in Miami, USA.

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